Parking Enforcement

Here, at M.O.P.S. we understand the importance of Parking Enforcement. At each location, our security guards, and patrol officers will keep a record of valid parking permits and violations. A parking citation will be placed on vehicles who do not carry valid parking permits and or violate the parking regulations in which are subject to be towed if not fixed by the owner in a timely manner.

Courtesy Patrol

Our Courtesy Patrol services are not an ordinary patrol service. We are hired to not only provide enforcement of the rules but act as a deterrence. Our vehicles have several functions as any other Police Department. We have installed decals, light bars, and spot lights. We are determined to be seen.  Our patrol officers are properly fitted in uniforms and equipment. When our officers step into your community we act as a visual deterrence which is the key to eliminating criminal activity on your communities.

Unarmed Standing Guard 

Unarmed Standing Guard Security is crucial to any property that we service. Selecting the right company to provide the correct resources is key. Here at M.O.P.S. we provide the correct officer to your project, property, and offer valuable resources to your team. Our officers are equipped and outfitted to an extent of professional preparedness  Our team of officers are ready to assist and control any situations they may be in.





Messina Operative Protection Services (M.O.P.S.), has been established since 2012 as a company that represents, "service to our clients first," with honesty, integrity, and reliability.


As a family we started this company with the best intentions, to provide honest and dedicated security services. We are a fast growing company that continue to strive on our excellent customer service, and provided security services. We understand our clients and their respective communities expectations. We always plan to succeed their expectation. When we are hired to perform security services, it's not just security services, its customer service, professionalism, honesty, dedication, and most importantly respectable services.








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To apply for a job with M.O.P.S. Courtesy Patrol, please send a cover letter together with your Resume to:

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